Next generation soldering robot

This next generation robot has all the functions necessary for selective soldering built into the machine. The L-CAT NEO has been designed for either an in-line or learn manufacturing process.

A data management plan is available for PC, IPAD, Android & PC tablet communication & teaching.

Fiducial recognition & tip positon alignment can easily be added at ensure proper tip & PCB alignment to guarantee positional accuracy and to ensure the highest quality soldering results.

Exclusive Gantry Type soldering Robot

All 4 axes ( X , Y, Z & R ) are suspended from the gantry which allows for simple fixture design and easy integration into conveyer , manual load & dual shuttle environments. Fixture size and weight & cable/wire harness lengths are not an issue as the fixture remains stationary on the robot base table.

Programming Freedom & Flexibility

Normally soldering robots have a fixed sequence to program solder parameters. However, the L-CAT NEO has a very flexible solder sequence that can be customized to meet the needs of your specific application. The L-CAT NEO offers flexibility of parameter sequencing to provide solutions for high thermal energy, fine pitch devices, large & small lead combinations etc. The soldering parameters (solder feed amount, feeding speed & temperature) can be arrange in a sequence that provides a solution for each particular soldering challenge.

Robot Communication – A Simple Matter of choice & Functionality

You can choose your own device when it comes to communication & teaching of the L-CAT NEO, such as an IPAD, Android device or PC tablet. This capability has set a new standard for the next generation of selective soldering robot.